Tricoolore Live ft. Pantelis Stoikos @ SAVINO Live

Tricoolore meet on stage with one of the greatest trumpet players of the Balkans, Pantelis Stoikos. On Sunday 17 May the trio and their guest will celebrate on the stage of Savino Live in Larnaca the last of a series of album launch shows, after touring in Cyprus, Greece and the UK presenting “Oregano Infused”.

Pantelis Stoikos
Pantelis Stoikos is one of the most creative trumpeters in the contemporary Balkan world jazz scene. He first became involved with music in 1990 and in 1994 had his first trumpet lessons alongside learning the piano. He continued his studies at the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki and won distinctions in many areas of music. He focuses on the sounds of his region, Macedonia, expanding this music with jazz and classical music styles.
Since 1997 he has collaborated with the Florina Brass Band and a large number of groups and artists from traditional music, jazz, improvisation, contemporary music, etc., including Ivo Papasov, Milcho Leviev, Nedyalko Nedyalkov, Petar Ralchev, Ferus Mustafov, Okay Temiz, Micuei Godard, Micuei Marre, Michalis Siganides, Costas Anastasiades, Dionysis Savvopoulos, Charis Alexiou, Thanasis Papakonstantinou, Alkinoos Ioannides, Floros Florides and many more. His project includes the Trio Balkano and currently the Balarom Trio, and he has played in concerts all over Europe, in Africa, Asia and Australia.

Sunday 17 May at SAVINO Live in Larnaca, doors open at 20:30
Entrance costs 10 euro with a free Oregano Infused cd.
Reservations: 99860304 / Information: 99549141