World Without Words

TriCoolOre - World Without Words Front Cover Art

How much of our {humanity} can we retain with the countless plots unfolding all around us? Which exactly is the standard of comparison? Our own position ? How do we perceive everything that we live and experience, what is our role and our truth?
In which way everything that we experience as an internal process affects our surrounding and how it is transmitted? Can music in itself without words touch that truth, ultimately measure our human in us? »
Tricoolore opt for an open dialogue with their audience through their music, transferring a piece of their concerns and inner exploration to their second album released on June 9th.
World Without Words is a worthy successor to TriCoolOre’s debut album, which has had an exceptional run, receiving warm and positive reviews. Seven new and original instrumental pieces conceived since 2014, are incorporating the wider tonal spectrum that influences the trio’s geographical base (Nicosia), into the global character of that music which thrives on improvisation.
TricoolOre’s collaboration with outstanding professionals from the Greek scene played a very significant role in the arrangements and in the final result. The album is characterised by the participation and musical performances of Pantelis Stoikos (trumpet), Takis Barberis (guitar), and Dimitris Lappas (fretless guitar). The recording and the mix was made by Sound Engineer extraordinaire Vangelis Lappas with the technical support of Vasilis Drougas and took place in the historic Studio Sierra, Athens, Greece, October 2016. The album cover was created by charismatic Brand Consultant Nick Dachris, in Delta Salience’s workshop Commanding Demand London England, later the same year.

  • Lost in Memories

  • Waterfall

  • Recollections

  • Mister Makis

  • Groovy Rabbit

  • Nostra Terra

  • Secret Moments