The Band

TriCoolOre is a modern World Jazz trio, formed November 2013 in Nicosia,
choosing Cyprus as the centre for their music exploration.

Basic materials of Tricoolore‘s music are the volatile rhythms of Fusion jazz
in harmonious combination with developed traditional musical scales.
This bold mix creates a particular tone color which incorporates the Greek expression,
balancing between the global character of jazz and the sounds of the wider Mediterranean region.
Venturing out at this musical spectrum, in combination with a high load of improvisation,
they break the stereotypes and follow their own musical paths.

In April 2015 they released their debut album, Oregano Infused,
with nine original compositions. This debut made a remarkable course,
bringing warm reception and complimentary reviews.


TriCoolOre staged very successful appearances in music scenes and festivals (with special guest on stage
the acclaimed trumpet player Pantelis Stojkos) in Cyprus, Greece and the United Kingdom.
Highlights of their journey so far include:
1st & 2nd Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase (2014-2015)
2nd Kozani international Jazz Festival (2015)
Aglanjazz ( Aglantzia, Nicosia Cyprus 2016)
19th Festival of Cyprus University (2016)
16th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival (2016)

June 9th, 2017, marks the release of their second album World Without Words.

One more musical adventure of these three enthusiastic fusionistas
who rebuild their relationship with the Greek and Mediterranean musical tradition,
incorporating it into the warm jazz spirit that describes them as a whole.
With seven new original compositions, Tricoolore intergrate
with passion and artistic excellence the wider musical influences
of their geographic base (Nicosia), into the global nature of music.
Using improvisation as a vehicle, they present a sound outcome
with strong and unique character,

The Trio:



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